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*  PROGRAM UPDATE:  We are back for 2022!

The following programs: $100

"Circle of Memories"  one hour group program - Monthly programs, participants share fond memories learn and share about seasonal topics of interest to the group.  

The Virtual  "Coney Island Walking Tour" -  From the comfort and safety of your chair ..... a historical journey and blast from the past!  Learn the story behind the stories everyone loves to share, both past and present.

New for 2022 - "Circle of Memories" now on ZOOM or FaceTime

Please call for bundled rates 

Colorful Balloons

"Circle of Memories"  Birthday Program - Learn the origin of our modern day birthday traditions that we've all grown to love.  Brighten your special day as you share your fondest birthday memories. Let the fun begin!

             Pay it forward by "Sponsoring" or "Gifting"  a                   "Circle of Memories" program.

Donate a program "In Memory of" a loved one. 

       Bring joy and laughter to many deserving seniors         through your generosity.

 Helen Grell-Rotante   718-833-0086

718-909-7411 (cell)

Changing the face of aging one memory at a time.

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