$100 for any of the following programs:

"Circle of Memories"  one hour group program - share memories and learn about general topics (seasonal, local and beyond) of interest to the group

The Virtual  "Coney Island Walking Tour" -  From the comfort of your chair ..... a historical journey and blast from the past!  Learn the story behind the stories you share. 

Let's Bring the Outdoors In!  -  This program is designed for those who have limited ability to venture around their beloved neighborhood.  Topics are based on specific local interests of the group or individual.

"Travel the Globe"  -  a group or individual gathering centered around those who have (or wish they had) traveled extensively and would like to learn more. 

Individual 45 minute interview and a follow-up visit with a  "circle" composition/collage.  Topics are participant specific.

"Sponsor" or "Gift" a visit to an individual who would benefit from 45 minutes of joy and laughter.  Includes a 45 minute interview and follow-up visit with a "circle" composition/collage.      

"In Memory of" - Bring joy to many deserving seniors by gifting a group program in honor of your loved one.  Includes an "honorable mention" at the program and a circle composition for you to cherish.

 Helen Grell-Rotante   718-833-0086

Changing the face of aging one memory at a time.