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An Introduction to the "Circle of Memories" Programs

Making a difference to those who made a difference for us first.

"Circle of Memories" is a tool created specifically to administer to the needs of our boomers and aging seniors beyond the physical.  It's therapeutic entertainment and relationship empowerment rolled into one. 

Our seniors are less apt to think about present day limitations when they are having fun sharing their fond memories and learning something new about topics they love most. 

A "Circle of Memories" group gathering or individual interview provides the perfect platform for participants to help recall and organize thoughts to be able to reminisce and then converse about their life's most treasured memories.  These conversations promote a      


commaderie that helps bring comfort, inspiring confidence, which can help make the daily challenges of aging easier. 

"Circle of Memories" quenches the thirst for knowledge by engaging participants in new topics related to their favorite life experiences.

                   "From my recollections, I've learned other things that I never even knew existed. And I'm 88 years old!"  Stephen

                  From a "Virtual Coney Island Walking Tour" to how Mother's Day                                      became a formal holiday to modern day movies as they relate                                          to our historical past.....


Our oldest seniors are very much responsible for the wonderful lives that boomers and younger generations have been afforded.  They instilled their work ethic and values, paid their dues and their taxes to literally build the infrastructure, both physically and metaphorically of our great nation.  We owe them so much!


Let's give them an opportunity to experience the JOY and LAUGHTER that a "Circle of Memories" gathering will bring.

Reach out to schedule an appointment to start changing  the face of aging, one memory, one story at a time. 

Joe rotantecircle.JPG

Joe's circle composition/collage.         Click on it to see more.

Helen Grell-Rotante


Certified Professional Life Coach - Life Coach Institute of Orange County (2016)

Certified Community Life Coach - Fowler International Academy (2017)

Certificate in End of Life Care - College of Staten Island (2019)

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